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Our Menu

Weekly Specials

*Dine-In Only

Weekly Featured Cocktails


This Week...

Support local, every Peach-Tito Rita we sell will donate $1 to the Vermont Food Shelf!

Also, delicious dessert cocktails guarunteed to get you in the holiday spirits! 

Oaxacan Hot Chocolate | Key lime Pie Tini | Berry Pie Tini 

Wednesday Margarita Day

$6 House Margaritas
$8 Agave Nectar Margaritas

Taco Tuesday

$3 Can Special
Dine In $3 Taco Menu

Thursday 1/2 Price Nachos

Dine In 1/2 price Nachos



Chile Con Queso


Hot cheese dip with house pickled jalapeños served with corn tortilla chips.
Add flour tortillas $2.25 extra.



Fresh corn tortilla chips with melted Monterey Jack cheese and jalapeños

Chipotle Agave Wings


One pound of seasoned wings tossed in our own smoky & sweet chipotle agave sauce. Served with our creamy baja dipping sauce.



Four corn tortillas rolled with beef or chicken and fried. Served on shredded lettuce with guacamole and sour cream.

Guacamole Dip


Homemade and delicious!

Nachos Grande


Corn tortilla chips covered with Monterey Jack cheese, refried beans, fresh jalapeños, shredded romaine, diced tomato and sour cream. Your choice of shredded beef or chicken.

Bean Dip


Refried beans topped with our homemade roja sauce and melted cheese.
Add lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole $8.00

Vegetarian Nachos Grande


Vegan black beans on top of fried corn chips, covered in monteray jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and sour cream!

Sopas y Ensaladas

Soups and Salads

El Gato House Salad


Chopped romaine lettuce, tomato, radish and cotija cheese.

Salad Toppers


add chicken, shredded beef or pork $5.00 Carne asada, shrimp or seitan $5.00 all salads are served with our cilantro lime vinaigrette

Taco Salad


Chopped romaine lettuce, black beans, cilantro lime vinaigrette, pico de gallo, guacamole, and sour cream. Topped with homemade corn tortilla strips.


Served on soft corn or flour tortillas
Add guacamole or sour cream $0.75

Taco de Carne Asada


Marinated seared skirt steak, cilantro, onions and lime wedge

Lengua Taco


Braised beef tongue served with cilantro, diced onions, salsa roja and a lime wedge.

Aguacate Con Queso


Cool taco with avocado, queso fresco, black beans and pico de gallo topped with salsa verde.

The Vegan Taco


Sheffield Vermont seitan and sweet chili glaze topped with cabbage, cilantro, onion and salsa roja.

Taco de Pescado


Grilled or fried tilapia fish with shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, Mexican aioli and a lime wedge.

Taco de Barbacoa


Slow braised beef, cilantro, onions and salsa roja.

Tacos de Carnitas


Tender slow braised pork, flash fried topped with cilantro, onions and salsa roja.

Hongos y Epazote


Portobello mushrooms with epazote and hominy. Topped with lettuce, pico de gallo and cotija cheese.

Taco de Pollo


Roasted and shredded chicken with cilantro, onions and salsa verde.

Taco Mole Pollo


Shredded chicken with our house poblano mole topped with cotija cheese.

Taco Camaron


Grilled shrimp, shredded cabbage, salsa verde and a lime wedge.

Taco Platter


Choice of any two tacos, rice & beans, with sour cream or guacamole.


Add guacamole for $1

Spinach Quesadilla


Sauteed peppers, onions, spinach, Monterey Jack cheese, and mushroom. Served with a side of sour cream.

Shredded Pork Quesadilla


Tender shredded pork, onion, fresh cilantro, and Monterey Jack cheese

Shrimp & Spinach Quesadilla


Sauteed shrimp, Monterey Jack cheese, peppers, spinach and onions. Served with a side of sour cream.

Shredded Beef or Chicken Quesadilla


Monterey Jack cheese, sautéed peppers & onions, your choice of protein
Sub Steak or Seitan- $16)

Side Orders

A Lado

Mexican Rice


Traditional sofrito (tomato, onion, butter) & white rice



Soft corn or flour



Beef, chicken, veggies, pork or cheese. Roja or Verde sauce



Your choice of black beans or refried, melted cheese, shredded romaine, diced tomato, dollop of guacamole, and radish

Sour Cream


Other Sides


Lettuce, Tomato, Jalapeno, Cabbage or Shredded Cheese



Black beans (vegan) or Refried beans (made with Fresh chicken stock)

Pickled Veggies


House pickled carrots, onion, jalapeño, and garlic cloves



Beef, chicken, veggies, or pork.Choice of our roja or verde sauce.



Pork or vegetable.



Pico de Gallo


Diced tomato, onion, cilantro, and lime

Las Especiales de la Casa

House Specials
All house specials are served with rice and beans



12" flour tortilla filled with beans and your choice of shredded beef, chicken, pork or veggies. Fried to golden perfection and topped with Queso, salsa, and cilantro. Served with your choice of beans, rice, sour cream, and guacamole. Substitute seitan, shrimp, or steak $1.00 extra

Barbacoa Platter


Braised beef served topped with our house roja sauce. Served with warm tortillas, rice, sour cream, and your choice of beans.

Enchiladas de Camaron Verde


Two enchiladas filled with shrimp and a creamy spinach sauce, topped with our verde tomatillo sauce, melted Monterey Jack cheese, and a dollop of sour cream. Served with rice and your choice of beans.

Chicken Mole Enchiladas


Chicken rolled in corn tortillas and smothered in our house mole sauce topped with sour cream and cotija cheese.

Burrito El Gato


12' flour tortilla filled with rice, beans, and your choice of shredded beef, chicken, pork or veggie. Smothered in roja or verde sauce and topped with cheese, sour cream and guacamole.
Substitute seitan, shrimp, or steak for $16.50

Big Cat Sizzling Fajita Platter


Coffee & chile encrusted skirt steak, grilled shrimp, and an adobo marinated chicken are the three options that you can choose two of, or double up on your favorite. Served on a bed of sauteéd peppers & onions with your choice of beans, rice, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, lime wedges and warm tortillas. Fajita Platter for two $25



Tender slow braised pork, flash fried and topped with roja or verde sauce. Served with warm tortillas.

Homemade Tamales

Tamales Platter


Two tamales and a toastada with rice and beans. Smothered in roja, onions & peppers


Combo Plate
We want you to have what you want on your plate.
Add steak, shrimp or seitan $2.50 | Add guacamole or sour cream $0.75
Add mole or queso $.99 | Substitute side salad for rice and beans $1.00

Combo Plate #2


Choose 2 items, served with rice and beans.


Choice of chicken, beef, pork, cheese or veggie rolled in a corn tortilla topped with roja or verde sauce and melted cheese.

El Gato Taco

Choose from our taco menu.


Pork or vegetable, topped with roja sauce, peppers and onions

Combo Plate #3


Choose 3 items, served with rice and beans.


10" Flour tortilla filled with your choice of chicken, beef, pork or veggies and beans. Topped with our roja or verde sauce and melted cheese.


Flat hard shell corn tortilla with beans, radish, lettuce, tomato, guacamole and cheese.

Chili Relleno

Poblano Pepper stuffed with queso, rolled in egg batter and lightly fried. Topeed with sautéed pepper & onions and homemade roja sauce

About Our Hand Crafted Sauces

Verde Sauce

Our Verde sauce is made with tomatillos and roasted jalapenos. Roasting tames the heat of the jalapenos and the tomatillos provide a fresh and tart flavor. Traditionally Verde sauce is served with pork and grilled meat but its fresh flavors go great with almost everything.


We make the "classic" version which is called mole poblano.
It is made with poblano chile peppers, nuts, rich chocolate, raisins, and other traditional ingredients.

Roja Sauce

With roasted New Mexican chillies as its base, our Roja sauce uses tomato to help round out the sweet, earthy flavors of the chillies. Also seasoned with lime juice, cumin and ancho chili powder the Roja sauce goes great on any burrito or enchilada.

Platitos para Ninos


Enchilada or Taco


With chicken, beef, or cheese. Served with rice & beans.

Kids Nacho Grande


With chicken, beef, or pork.

Kids Cheese Nacho


Corn tortilla chips with melted Monterey Jack cheese

Chicken Quesadilla


Served with rice and beans (Cheese Quesadilla with rice and beans $4.99)

Chicken or Beef Burrito


Served with rice & beans.

Chicken Tenders


Fried tenders with french fries

Drink Menu


El Gato Margarita


Your choice of jalapeno, orange or our specialty infused tequila, triple sec, house made sour mix & fresh lime

Agave Nectar Margarita


Sauza gold, Grand gala, agave nectar, fresh lemon and lime

Fresh Fruit Margaritas


Fresh fruit puree and blended fresh fruits with Sauza Blanco and Triple Sec.
Raspberry, Strawberry, Blood Orange, Mango, Prickly Pear, Pomegranate.

Skinny Cat Margarita


El Charro Blanco, Couintreau and pressed lime with a splash of seltzer

Elderflower Margarita


Hornitos Blanco, Patron Citronge and lime with a St. Germaine elderflower floater.

Specialty Cocktails

Singing Cowboy


El Charro Reposado, Triple Sec, fresh lime and lemon.

Black Barrel Manhatten


Hornitos black barrel tequila, sweet vermouth & a dash of bitters. served up with a cherry

A Shining Star


Sauza hornitos blanco, Cointreau, fresh lemon and lime.

El Chinaco Puro


Chinaco Repasado, Cointreau, Fresh Lemon & Lime

La Cuidad


Bar Hill Gin, Tuaca (vanilla-citrus liquor) and pomegranate served up with a sugar rim.

Horny Toad


Sauza Hornitos Reposado, Cointreau, fresh lime and lemon.

House Margarita


Sauza Blanco, triple sec, fresh lime and homemade sour mix.

Passion in the Desert


Jalapeno infused tequila, triple sec, house made sour mix, and blood orange puree